Letters to the editor

Thanks to Joe Block for his editorial in the Thursday, Dec. 12 issue of the Star News, explaining the history of the terrible decision of Mazo Village to underfund NWDSS. We have elections coming up. Knowing that the Town of Black Earth has never chipped in for their Seniors is awful. Now seeing Mazo Village turn rotten is shocking. Only one board voice speaking for the 12% of residents who are Seniors? These same board members have no problem paying for historically ridiculous horse-trough ‘planters.’ or the plants therein, or ghastly meaningless-blob highway signage. Perhaps local boards need ‘upgrading’--new people can run, more people can vote, humanity can be returned to Mazo Village, and can be birthed on the Black Earth Town Board. The services of NWDSS are CRUCIAL to the lives of our Seniors, our neighbors, our future selves.

Every race in the several coming elections of 2020 is desperately important, on every level. The entire country is at a critical point that--if not caught and re-directed toward common people’s needs--could lock us into a corporate and billionaire-ruled planet. America, and surely this little part of Wisconsin, are supposed to be run by farmers, gardeners, teachers, nurses, mechanics, plumbers, grocers, waitresses, etc.--not corrupt bankers, arms-makers, polluters, or drug-pushers. We need to register, and to vote! We outnumber them, vastly, even with all their attempts to outlaw our voting, even with poll-rigging. And we KNOW this because they keep trying to prevent us from hearing true news, and they refuse to fairly cover the candidates and movements that speak for poor people.

Here’s hoping everyone will search out FreeSpeech org on radio, TV, and the web, and will register (or confirm your registration) and VOTE!


Peggy Peckham



The members of District One EMS (Black Earth/Mazomanie) wish to thank the many area residents who once again supported our fundraising efforts. Listed are the five winners from  December 2nd drawing: Kathleen Kersten, Black Earth $250; Heather Reader, Black Earth $10;  Barb Blattner, Mazomanie, $50; James Miller, Black Earth, $50; Gary Maxwell, Mazomanie, $50.


Jim Wick NREMT


Dane County District One EMS


Letter to the Editor:

Thank you, Mazomanie

In this season of giving thanks for our blessings, our congregation would like to recognize the hard work of local emergency response personnel who saved our church from total destruction.  In the very early morning hours of August 11, lightning struck the church and started a fire which destroyed the bell tower and steeple.  Thanks to the lucky, immediate sighting and report of the fire and the even more fortunate quick response time of the Mazomanie and Black Earth fire departments, the major portions of our church are intact (with some water damage).  Translation:  we won’t have to start from point zero to re-build our beloved church.  We are very grateful to both fire departments, as well as EMS District 1 and local law enforcement for their hard work on our behalf.  Thank you, emergency responders.

Also, we want to recognize and thank the local community for their phone calls and notes of concern for our church and our congregation.  It will be many months until we can hold services in our church again, but we are still united as a congregation and are determined to re-build.  Thank you, friends, neighbors, and family.

 Several churches offered us the use of their facilities for our worship services.  We are very grateful for this outpouring of sympathy and support.  We accepted a very gracious offer of sharing from Rev. John Oliver and the Midland United Methodist Church.  Thank you, Rev. Oliver and MUMC.


Congregation of the Mazomanie United Church of Christ


I would like to thank the Sauk Prairie Community Club, for once again sponsoring their Scholarship Raffle in the Sauk Prairie community. Their support of the scholarships of our students is always greatly appreciated in this community. While I had the opportunity to win their raffle prize of $500, I am going to pay it forward. The full amount is going back to our youth in my donation to the Dollars for Scholars in which the 8 Sauk Prairie High School students who attended Badger Boys or Girls State last summer will each receive a scholarship for furthering their education. 


Mary Walz

Prairie du Sac

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