Sauk Prairie plans for a growing population

Behind the referendum: an aging infrastructure
Kristina Simmons

Sauk Prairie School District referendum can be divided into three aspects; high school updates and renovations, Merrimac Community Charter School updates and renovations and, upgrades to the athletic facilities. The high school updates and renovations can be attributed to 82 percent of the referendum.

The Sauk Prairie High School building was built in January 1964 and is need of major updating. From the pool room, to electrical to ADA compliance issues, space issues, and inefficiencies.

The pool room is in desperate need of updating. The current pool room is showing signs of age. The pipes are rusted, and the electrical boxes are showing corrosion. Multiple pipe braces have rusted completely, and the pipes are now being held up by wood braces. The surge tank located under the pool overflows every time the pool is in use. This causes flooding in the pool room which is causing the rusting and corrosion. The updates to the pool room will separate the surge tank from the mechanicals. The mechanicals of the pool room are also in need of repair and replacement to become more efficient.

The current weight room is only accessible by multiple sets of stairs. With renovations, the weight room will be moved and be accessible to all students no matter their ability,

The current electrical in the high school is in despair. The electrical boxes are all original to the building and they are all full up. The main electrical room, located behind the building, is shifting on the foundation. There is also water damage to the building. This water damage and future water issues could cause more issues for the electrical.

The high school currently has open campus lunch because all the enrolled students cannot fit in the cafeteria space. This space would be expanded with the renovations. There will also be new classrooms added in the renovations.

The current entrance into the high school building will be moved to face the main parking lot. This will help with more secure access to the building as it will funnel all everybody into one entrance. This entrance will also be located closer to the pool area eliminating community members from meandering through the building to get to the pool during the day. 

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