Take a trip across the galaxy in Heights’ “The High-Schooler’s Guide to the Galaxy”

Final production of the drama season
Cody Amble

High school is a time of everyone’s life they will never forget--be it for better or for worse. And yet a lot of experiences feel universal in what everyone sees in high school. The tough jocks, the goofy teachers, and the countless embarrassing and awkward moments. All of these moments are met with hilarity in the Wisconsin Heights High School’s Drama Club production of “The Highschooler’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

The final production of this Wisconsin Heights drama season, “The Highschooler’s Guide to the Galaxy,” is a family fun comedy that everyone will find humor in. The night before their first day of high school, four incoming freshmen voice their fears and anxieties of what’s to come. Conveniently, the author and editor of a book, one aiming to help and explain all of the tips and tricks kids need to know for high school, is there to help these kids ease their worries. What follows is scene after scene of hilarious high school situations with larger than life characters and jokes that will leave you rolling on the ground. With the entire plot and all of its characters taking place in high school, the play feels extremely relatable. As I touched on earlier, high school and the experiences that happen in it are something that everyone can relate to. There is something especially funny and enjoyable as seeing situations or conversations play out on stage that you can think back upon in your own life and remember a time that something similar happened. If relatability isn’t something you aren’t too concerned or interested in, however, this comedy will still leave you in tears with the great jokes and wonderful performances by the Wisconsin Heights High School’s Drama Club.

With brilliant performances from every actor and actress on stage, the Star News would be remiss to not at least mention a few to keep an eye out for. There is the angry and tough gym teacher (played by Sophomore Sophie Reader), the carefree and fun bus driver (played by Senior Dylan Gee), the suave salesmen-like swagger of the editor (played by Junior Kylan Bartel), and those are simply a small handful of the colorful characters you’ll see in the show. Then there’s the depressed and very timid Principal Mopes (played by the Star News’ Cody Amble). We can say from first-hand experience that this show is one you will not want to miss. “The Highschooler’s Guide to the Galaxy” will make your day, week, and possibly even your month. We hope to see you there.

Showtimes are Friday, March 14th at 7:00 pm, Saturday the 15th at 7:00 pm, and finally Sunday the 16th at 2:00 pm.

“The High Schooler’s Guide to the Galaxy” to feature technology for the hearing-impaired

A hearing loop is a copper wire placed around a room which is connected to a sound system.  An electromagnetic field is created that connects to a telecoil in hearing aids or cochlear implants.  By switching to the telecoil program in their hearing device, the user receives sound directly.  People who are hard of hearing but do not have hearing aids, cochlear implants, or telecoils in their devices need to use a hearing loop receiver and headphones to connect to the system.

WI Heights High School is providing a hearing loop at the upcoming Spring Play titled “The High Schooler’s Guide to the Galaxy”.  Show times are March 13 & 14 at 7pm and March 15 at 2pm at WI Heights High School.  Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for kids 10 and under.  If you would like to use the hearing loop, just turn your hearing aid or cochlear implant to the telecoil program.  Please see an usher if you would like to use the receiver and headphones.  Audience members who are hard of hearing have noticed a 90% improvement in understanding speech during the play with the use of the hearing loop.

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