Wisconsin Heights 3rd grader's spring poetry


thick-tires, Trek

peddling, speeding, tiring

two-wheeled, all terrain, springy, on-foot

lumbering, limping, strolling

strollers, pleasure


By Grayson Wolf



charming, bright-eyed

sneaking, running, playing

red, beautiful, vicious, warm-hearted

searching, biting, eating

deadly, fast


By Treyton Dreikosen



bolt, blasted

streaking, striking, zapping

speedy, stormy, loud, howl

echoing, roaring, booming

barrage, rumble


By Griffin Crowe



colorful, shiny

flying, caring, loving

spots, stripes, long, skinny

crawling, eating, growing

smooth, slow


By Henry Richards



red, beautiful

flying, building, thrilling

curious, cheerful, bold, fearless

fluttering, singing, annoying

blue, feathery

Blue Jay

By Claire Adler



stadium, diamond

catching, hitting, throwing

bat, helmet, pads, cleats

running, tackling, punting

scrimmage, fullback


By Beckham Schaefer



enormous, green

dancing, twirling, swaying

colorful, bright, thorny, compact

growing, tangling, decorating

stubby, shrub


By Lydia Prochaska



swells, nasty

sucking, feasting, biting

vicious, stings, red, spotted

crawling, sitting, chomping

curved, tiny


By Layla VanDenBergh



yellow, soft

blooming, shining, flowering

beautiful, colorful, red, fragrant

loving, blooming, admiring

exquisite, long-stemmed


By Ali Ogorek



beautiful, colorful

blooming, sparkling, blossoming

annual, delicate, green, soft 

sweet-smelling, trimming, gazing

wet, itchy


By Izzy Dresen



orange, black

running, jumping, shooting

hoop, 3-pointers, net, shin-guards

scoring, tiring, kicking

white, black


By Dalton Warner



bright, yellow

burning, rising, setting

beams, warms, darkens, chills

drenching, splashing, drizzling

wet, gray


By Eleanor Harrison



pink, spongy

sparking, flip-flopping, glittering

Crocs, wedge, moccasins, booties

waking-up, comforting, shuffling

fuzzy, pink


By Ari Gold



yellow, black

buzzing, flying, stinging

strong, fast, hurtful, angry

hunting, nesting, sneaking

aggressive, wasp

Yellow Jacket

By Ava Banker


Spring looks like pink flowers blooming by the house. Spring sounds like birds chirping in the trees. Spring smells like fresh lemonade sitting on the black table. Spring tastes like red, juicy strawberries. Spring feels like cold rain puddling up on the green grass. By Justin Bartel 


Spring looks like a bunch of gardens everywhere. Spring sounds like water rushing and crackling. Spring smells like spa made into bubbling, hot maple syrup. Spring tastes like juicy watermelon in my mouth. Spring feels like taking hikes with my family in Parfrey’s Glen. By Allison Birckhead


Spring looks like flowers blooming and icy snow melting. Spring sounds like birds chirping a lovely song and butterflies scattering around. Spring smells like sweet morning air and the smell of rain. Spring tastes like juicy watermelon and ice cream dripping on me. Spring feels like soft itchy grass and wind whimpering softly. By Mackenzie Brown


Spring looks like pink flowers and green grass. Spring sounds like bees buzzing and bike wheels whistling. Spring smells like fresh grass. Spring tastes like ice cream and watermelons. Spring feels like warm weather and jumping in the pool. By Shayla Daniels 


Spring looks like the white snow melting. Spring sounds like the birds chattering to other birds. Spring smells like the sweet honey from the bees. Spring tastes like tart red strawberries and sweet juicy watermelon. Spring feels like the soft grass when I play in it. By Demya Dotson 


Spring looks like lots of bikers racing across the country. Spring sounds like birds chirping beautiful songs. Spring smells like new flowers budding. Spring tastes like sweet, juicy apples. Spring feels like water balloons ready to throw. By Shaemus Galloway


Spring looks like rain pelting the ground. Spring sounds like the buzz of cicadas. Spring smells like the fresh dew of morning. Spring tastes like fresh water from a nearby pond. Spring feels like the slither of a snake. By Koda Meyer


Spring looks like monarch butterflies flying by the water. Spring sounds like rain falling down from the gray clouds. Spring smells like fresh watermelon on the plate in the fridge. Spring tastes like juicy grapes for snack. Spring feels like warm air blowing in my face. By Nolan Morse 


Spring looks like robins chirping in the bright sunny sky. Spring sounds like rain falling on the ground. Spring smells like mud oozing from people’s rainboots. Spring tastes like sweet juicy watermelon and ice cream oozing on me. Spring feels like it is hot outside so I don’t have to wear a coat! Yay! By Chesney Moyer 


Spring looks like lush green and shiny leaves. Spring sounds like faint but sweet chirps of a robin. Spring smells like misty steam from the pie. Spring tastes like crunchy and mushy apple pie. Spring feels like a soft fluffy pillow after a long day. By Dominic Paddock


Spring looks like bears and deer hiding from predators. Spring sounds noisy from all the chirping. Spring smells like fresh air blowing. Spring tastes like ice water after biking at the park. Spring feels like hiking around with my family by maple trees. By Jaime


Spring looks like red birds flying around in the sky. Spring sounds like air hitting trees so branches move. Spring smells like chocolate ice cream. Spring tastes like dripping watermelon in your hands. Spring feels like green grass on your legs. By Connor Seitz


Spring looks like rain pouring from the sky. Spring sounds like umbrellas popping open. Spring smells like beautiful flowers just cut from a garden. Spring tastes like popsicles melting in your mouth. Spring feels like fresh cut grass. By Ilah Sinz 


Spring looks like flowers swaying in the wind. Spring sounds like robins chirping up in their trees. Spring smells like fresh soil from the garden. Spring tastes like delicious fresh watermelon from the market. Spring feels like mud getting on my clothes. By Claire Williams


Spring looks like lots of brown mud on the ground. Spring sounds like crackling water going down a narrow brook. Spring smells like flowers blooming in the summer sun. Spring tastes like yummy vanilla ice cream. Spring feels like warmer weather and the gentle wind touching my face. By Jacob Wishart


Spring looks like people with no coats on or any snow stuff. Spring sounds like birds singing lovely songs. Spring smells like fresh air blowing in my hair. Spring tastes like yummy vanilla ice cream. Spring feels like summer breeze. By Sam Wolf 



Sunny, Hot

Run, Play, Jump

I really love Spring


by Elyse King



Green, Colorful

Jumping, Running, Raining

Lots of flowers blooming


by Graeme Payne



Amazing, Rainy

Blooming, Chirping, Eating

Animals hatch in Spring


By Alexander Paddock



Red, Blue

Blooming, Raining, Hatching

Season of warming days


By Kayne Scalissi



Colorful, Relaxing

Playing, Blooming, Hatching

It’s very so magnificent


By Brooklynn Schoeffel



Beautiful, Sunny

Raining, Swimming, Playing

Flowers are blooming gorgeously


By Madelyn Slaney



Beautiful, Warm

Walking, Running, Skipping

It is warm outside


By Brianna Hart



Pretty, Beautiful

Hatching, Running, Playing

Lots of good sunshine


By Lydia Henn



Wet, Muddy

Prancing, Chirping, Exploring

Chicks hatch and chirp


By Isabella Gaber



Humid, Warm

Shouting, Running, Jumping

I see sun rising


By Gabe Harrington



Green, Cute

Playing, Exploring, Raining

Kids playing outside together


By Destiny Earl



Sunny, Rainy

Blooming, Hatching, Chirping

Bees are buzzing sweetly


By Clara McCulloh



Sunny, Dewy

Chirping, Blooming, Raining

Birds are chirping more


By Fletcher Engen



Rainbows, Sun

Singing, Playing, Hopping

My little sister’s birthday


By Josey Newell



Green, Pretty

Running, Playing, Jumping

Birds chirping singing beautifully


By Leo Smith

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