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Village of Mazomanie

The Village of Mazomanie has changed the Village's polling place for the April 7 election, from the village office at 133 Crescent Street to the Mazomanie Community Building at 7 Brodhead Street. This will create more space for voters and poll workers to spread out. 


Sauk City

We would like to let the public know that we are highly encouraging absentee voting for this April 7th election, in an attempt to lessen the amount of people gathering at Village Hall to vote on election day. With every absentee voter, it is one less person walking into our doors on election day, putting themselves and our employees at risk for exposure to COVID-19. At this time our doors are only open for in-person absentee voting and voter registration at this point. Although we do have to be open for in-person absentee voting, our goal is to spread the word to as many people as possible that we are highly encouraging VOTING ABSENTEE BY MAIL for this election. Our Village staff needs to stay healthy here in order to be able to conduct this election and keep other necessary village operations running.

Voters can request an absentee ballot by mail up until 5:00pm on Thursday April 2nd, so there is plenty of time for everyone to get their request in. Voters do need to be registered to vote to obtain an absentee. They can call us to see if they are registered, or look up their registration at MyVote.Wi.Gov. The state has now extended the online voter registration until March 30th and as of yesterday they were working on getting that functionality restored.

There are several ways to request an absentee ballot by mail:

  1. Go online to MyVote.Wi.Gov  - Click the Vote Absentee blue button and it will walk you through the steps. Select to receive ballot by mail. If you already have a Photo ID (i.e. Drivers License) on file, it will automatically process your request. And if not, you will need to upload a valid photo ID before the request will go through.
  2. Mail in your Absentee Ballot Application (attached) to us, along with a copy of your photo ID. Once we have those items we can mail you the ballot. You can return the ballot to us in the mail, or put it in our night drop box located to the left of our front door. (We have the application posted on our Village of Sauk City website www.saukcity.net under Government, then Elections page. Or if they can’t find it online they can call us at 608-643-3932 and we can mail them the hard copy application to fill out and mail back to us with a copy of their photo ID). If someone is considered “Indefinitely Confined”, they are exempt from having to provide photo ID.
  1. Call the Village Hall at 608-643-3932 and we can discuss your options and help you as best we can.

Even during extraordinarily difficult times, the Village of Sauk City’s clerk’s office encourages residents to exercise their constitutional right to vote in the upcoming election. By-mail absentee voting is accessible to the public and safe.

*For those voters who do wish to come in to vote on election day, we would encourage that everyone bring their own black ballpoint pens (not gel pens), so that we aren’t sharing pens with each other, in an effort to lessen the spread of the virus.

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