With recount over, lawsuits start

Recount Completed, Election Lawsuits Filed


Town of Vermont loses six votes

Dane County certified its election results Sunday, finding no evidence of widespread voter fraud. The recount process, which was equal parts civics lesson and political spectacle, was prompted by a challenge to the initial results filed by President Donald Trump.

Biden’s victory confirmed in recount

With the election results certified after a recount, the area saw some minor adjustments to vote totals, but nothing significant.

In the Village of Black Earth, President-elect Joe Biden lost two votes. He lost one vote in the town of Roxbury, and added a vote in both the Town of Mazomanie and the Village of Mazomanie.

Mazomanie and Black Earth see a spike in COVID-19 cases, Sauk Prairie still high

Positive case counts in the Sauk Prairie area reveal why the local hospitals put out a plea Monday for residents to wear masks and stay inside: Sauk City had 32 new cases in the past two weeks, and the Prairie du Sac area had 78.

Sauk County officials, health care providers call on residents to stay home

Sauk County Public Health and Emergency Management, as well as representatives of hospitals and clinics, implored residents to do everything possible to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“Checks and balances” Inside the life cycle of a Wisconsin absentee ballot

By Nora Eckert

Wisconsin Watch 


This article is made possible through Votebeat, a nonpartisan reporting project covering local election integrity and voting access.


Trump’s Wisconsin recount seeks to throw out tens of thousands of votes in Democratic strongholds

By Nora Eckert and Anya van Wagtendonk

Wisconsin Watch

This article is made possible through Votebeat, a nonpartisan reporting project covering local election integrity and voting access.

Man murdered at Devil’s Lake

A Wauwatosa man was stabbed and killed at Devil’s Lake State Park on Wednesday, October 14. The Sauk County Sheriff’s Department is still seeking information about the death. John Craig Schmutzer was hiking alone and the Department is seeking potential witnesses.

Mazomanie and Black Earth are the new COVID-19 hot spot

COVID-19 cases in Black Earth and Mazomanie surged by over 50 percent in the past week. 45 new cases were added to make the total case count 132. Mazomanie and Black Earth's new case per ten thousand rate is 94, highest in the area, including all of Sauk and Dane Counties. On October 5, the Mazomanie and Black Earth area had 30 cases.

Wisconsin Newspaper Association deems Marsy’s Law appropriate

Does a much-publicized new law strip journalists and the public of the right to information? A recent statement by the Wisconsin Newspaper Association says it shouldn’t.


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