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From the Black Earth Historical Society

By Jennifer Rude Klett for the Black Earth Historical Society


Black Earth’s historic train depot, now museum, in downtown Black Earth dates back to the 1860s, according to Black Earth Historical Society president Wayne Barsness.

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Back in the saddle


A painted pony bucked my daughter off as they cantered around a corner yesterday. She landed on the ruddy earth with a sharp thud, one boot still in the stirrup. My wife sent me the video, along with a text: “She got right back on.”

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Letter to the Editor

A note from the editor: In its role as a weekly newspaper, the Star News belongs to several organizations that support the industry. One of those organizations recently passed along this letter to the editor that they had received. The Star liked it and chose to print it.


Dear People of the Great State of Wisconsin,

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Cody's Movie Minute

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