Cody's movie minute

September is here and with it comes the beginning of spooky season. While Halloween is still a ways away, the frights have already begun with It Chapter 2. But does the movie live up to the horrifying heights set by the first It? Well, yes and no.

Letters to the editor

In response to a letter by Beverly Pestel, we agree that the response you received to your ‘Free the Children Protest’ on the Sauk City bridge was very inappropriate. But in answer to your second question we ask you to consider ours:

Looking for Happiness…in all the Wrong Places

Our Declaration of Independence claims our right to pursue happiness. Every Tibetan lama I have ever heard states that what every living being holds in common is our desire to have happiness and avoid suffering. Even insects display this. They will move towards food and away from danger.

The Book Nook

Ordinary transformed into illuminating


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