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I jokingly refer to myself as the “bad son,” because I don’t call my parents on the phone.

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We took our eight-year-old daughter to her first “grown up” concert last night. It was the luminous Sierra Ferrell at the Stoughton Opera House, and I fear we might have done our daughter a disservice. Ferrell and her band were so perfect that I suspect every other concert she ever goes to will be a disappointment.

Around the Block

The Family Chat


From the Mazomanie Historical Society

Henry Powell – Early Mazomanie Politician and Insurance Agent


By Frank Wolf


Letter to the Editor

Remember the Supremes--the top 1960’s vocal band in the country? Well voters in Wisconsin now have the chance to select a new member of our own Supremes--the Wisconsin Supreme Court.Our Wisconsin Supreme Court makes decisions that significantly impact our lives.

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Sick days


Last week, it was snow days that kept my daughter home from school. This week it was the flu. 

Around the Block

“Parenting is a process of becoming inured to someone else’s vomit.”


The Book Nook

Funny, action-packed series


Martha Wells has mastered sarcasm, delivering laugh-out-loud humor via a unique protagonist – an android created to protect humans.  It offers character-driven tales with good plots filled with action and humor.

The Sauk County Gardener

March Tasks Help Cure Gardening Fever

“Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.”

--Lewis Grizzard


From the Mazomanie Historical Society

Robert & Henry Lang 

Barber Shop of 1880 



By Frank Wolf



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