Letters to the editor

Wisconsin Heights School District Referendum - November 3, 2020 

It’s About a District, Not About a Building 


Letters to the editor

Citizens of The Wisconsin Heights District/Fellow Vanguards:


As a new Wisconsin Heights school board member, I’m writing to explain both my support for and the reasons why I think this is the opportune time to put forth a capital referendum towards new facilities.

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Revisiting America’s Past

The Black Lives Matter movement has raised awareness of social disparities, providing opportunities for deeper understanding as experiences are shared and new voices heard.  Looking at history lets us compare old and current attitudes as we work toward a better future for all.

Letters to the editor

Time Is Running Out – 

Respond to the 2020 

Census Now 


Letters to the editor

I was not born or even raised in Black Earth. And didn’t arrive in Wisconsin until 1990. Despite that, it didn’t take long for me to discover the Black Earth Library and the unlimited support I was about to receive! You could call it the information hub in “living color.”

Your Right to Know: Expand access to records online

By Steven Potter September 1, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that many of our jobs can be done digitally and remotely. 

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A Midsummer’s Night Madness


Around the Block

On curfew ordinances and bias


Letters to the editor

Libraries are the currently the center of our communities, and I am writing to encourage everyone to join and support their local library. In this time of division and crisis, supporting our local library is one thing we can all agree on as important and non-partisan.

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A Modern Viking Heroine


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