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Bending reality


“Recursion” is a novel by Blake Crouch that kept popping up on my radar since its publication last year.  I joined the many readers who enjoyed his thrilling bestseller “Dark Matter” in 2016 and looked forward to reading more of his work.

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Use-of-Force is Rare, Community Engagement is Common with the Sauk Prairie Police Department

By Paul Dietmann, President, Sauk Prairie Police Commission


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Imagine watching a nature documentary in which a lion is pursuing a gazelle.

Public bodies find new ways to meet

Believe it or not, this has been a relatively quiet time on the open government front.

In my role with the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council, I often field calls from reporters and citizens regarding the problems they are experiencing getting access to public meetings and records.

Keeping an eye on government from home

Keeping an eye on government from home


By John Foust

June 2, 2020


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Accident or Arson?

The Book Nook

Frightening Topical Thriller


Letter to the editor

Thank you to the Sauk Prairie community for your support at the Friends of Sauk Prairie Healthcare Blood Drive, which was held at the River Hills Church in Sauk City on May 18.  Thanks, too, to the awesome volunteers and employees of the Red Cross who worked at the blood drive during the pandemic!  The blood donations collected have made it poss

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The King Review


The juggernaut in streaming that is Netflix has made a film that feels very much like a Shakespeare classic. Now, those two things may sound like a very strange mix, but let me tell you why The King is one of Netflix’s best films.


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