Your Right to Know: Expand access to records online

By Steven Potter September 1, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that many of our jobs can be done digitally and remotely. 

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A Midsummer’s Night Madness


Around the Block

On curfew ordinances and bias


Letters to the editor

Libraries are the currently the center of our communities, and I am writing to encourage everyone to join and support their local library. In this time of division and crisis, supporting our local library is one thing we can all agree on as important and non-partisan.

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A Modern Viking Heroine

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Crankiness soars to new heights


Letter to the editor

Absentee Ballot Voting Tip #1


You know your vote matters. Your right to vote is precious to you. But a simple error in the way you fill out your absentee ballot CAN lead to your vote not being counted.

Geiger Counter

Today, I read an anthology of anger in the form of Yelp reviews. A single person had rated a dozen businesses, and she had never given out anything higher than a single star, which is the lowest possible score. In addition to her ratings, she offered delightful accounts of her various experiences.

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Options for Mystery and Suspense Fans


If you’re interested in starting a new series, here are two offerings.  One is a cozy mystery from a new Wisconsin writer and the other is a paranormal thriller from an author who’s written dozens of books.

Letters to the editor

To the editor,


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