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Down in the lazaretto...


There is an old Russian adage that people who are destined for the firing squad need not fear drowning. 

The Book Nook

Running towards hope

In “American Dirt” by Jeanine Cummins we meet Lydia Pérez, a woman who owns a small book store.  She’s enjoying a family celebration at her mother’s Acapulco home nearby, unaware that within moments nearly everyone she loves will be dead.

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A day to remember


We had to cancel our daughter’s sixth birthday party the other day. It felt villainous, but global pandemics do have a way of ruining plans.

A High School Senior’s perspective of life during the pandemic

The times we are in are unlike anything anyone has seen before. Businesses are shut down, people are staying in their homes to safely social distance, and the toilet paper shelves are experiencing a drought greater than Lake Marion had in Mazomanie the past few years.

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Despite their own personal challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, so many people in our community are finding ways to help others. These range from checking on neighbors and family members to sewing and distributing cloth masks. 

Cody's movie minute

Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) Review


With a title as hectic and crazy as Birds of Prey, does the film reflect this zaniness and insanity? Yes. The answer is yes, and then some. This film is just as bonkers as the title suggests.

The Book Nook

A Winning Loser

Ed Kennedy’s life is about to change.  Drastically.  Maybe that’s a good thing because Ed himself feels he doesn’t have much going for him.  His time is spent driving a cab, losing to his buddies at cards and talking to his coffee-drinking dog.

Letters to the editor

What About War?

We just returned from Cuba where we had gone to present a paper on Vermont Township history to a geomatics conference.

The conference was cancelled the day after we got there, so we decided to look around.

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It’s the

end of the world as

we know it


Empty Bowls: Sauk Prairie a success

Dear editor,

I am writing to thank the greater Sauk Prairie community for their support of Empty Bowls: Sauk Prairie. I am pleased to announce that the event exceeded our original $1,000 goal, and raised over $1,500 to benefit the Sauk Prairie Area Food Pantry.


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