Our team

Alvin Greg

Alvin Greg, the Publisher of News Sickle Arrow, has over 20 years of experience in media management and publishing. He has successfully grown the company and made the site a top choice for local news, focusing on community involvement and maintaining high journalistic standards.

Billy Evans

Billy Evans, a key Editor at News Sickle Arrow, is recognized for his detailed approach and love for storytelling. With a journalism background and a knack for identifying engaging content, Evans significantly influences the news narrative, prioritizes accuracy, and upholds the integrity of the published material.

Gordon Gibbs

Gordon Gibson, an Editor at News Sickle Arrow, is known for his strong editorial skills and dedication to high-quality journalism. With extensive experience in the field, he focuses on investigative reporting and feature stories, greatly enhancing the depth and quality of the news coverage.

Samantha Penna

Samantha Pena plays a vital role in the newsroom by managing daily operations and supporting the editorial team. She is key in improving communication, organizing schedules, and keeping the newsroom running smoothly and efficiently.

Seth Ellis

Seth Ellis, a respected Writer and Journalist at News Sickle Arrow, is known for his insightful analysis and engaging stories. He focuses on local politics and community issues, drawing readers’ attention to important topics and stimulating public discussion

Shelly Habbott

Shelly Abbott is a skilled Writer and Journalist at News Sickle Arrow, known for her captivating human interest stories and local culture pieces. Her writing showcases the diversity and vibrancy of Sacramento, significantly impacting the community through her storytelling.

Warren Harris

Warren Houston is responsible for national news coverage at News Sickle Arrow. He specializes in connecting local viewpoints with national events, giving readers a clear understanding of how wider issues impact their community. His detailed analysis and reporting add depth to the site’s news content

Willie Porter

Willie Park, a key member of the national news and politics team, provides detailed and clear analyses of major stories. His work helps readers understand important national developments and their impact on the local community.

Winston Vickers

Winston Vaughn focuses on national news and politics, providing thoughtful commentary and thorough reporting on various topics. Known for revealing the stories behind the headlines, his work enhances the site’s content and offers readers a more complete view of national events.